in the attic

February 16, 2010 at 6:24 am (random Puffs, status report)

“There’s a light on in the attic.
Though the house is dark and shuttered,
I can see a flickerin’ flutter,
And I know what it’s about.
There’s a light on in the attic.
I can see it from the outside, And I know you’re on the inside
. . .lookin’ out.”
– Shel Silverstein

There has been an awful lot of banging and stomping and strange smells coming from the attic lately. Husby has been hard at work up there, attempting to turn it into our new master bedroom. Teaball loves to go up and ‘help’ him as often as she can. To her, the attic is like some awesome amusement park, or a toy she seldom gets to play with. There isn’t really much up there for her amidst the storage boxes and building clutter. One would think she’d get tired of always being told not to touch this or that (and to keep her shoes on), but it doesn’t seem to faze her. I suppose she’ll really like it once it’s finished and warm!
She’s very excited about the prospect of moving into our old room – after it becomes her new big girl room – and giving the nursery to her new sibling (whom she still insists is a brother)
I’m pretty excited about it all, too!


  1. deb said,

    What an undertaking. You guys are a hands on family. What incredible examples you are shining on your daughter and newborn to be.

    Wishing you a smooth transition with the bedrooms, but I’m sensing from your posts that you will take all the mess and look for the beauty.

    Hope you had a lovely love filled weekend.

    • Me said,

      What a stunningly sweet thing to say! I can only hope we can live up to those expectations!

  2. Kelli said,

    Hi there!! Blogger would not let me access your site yesterday. No explanation. Anyway, the excitement of new baby is in the air. I know Puff will handle moving into a new room with ease. She’s too cute. Enjoy the remodel. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

    • Me said,

      Blogger can be evil at times, I’ve noticed. . .but glad you bullied it into submission and were able to stop in today!

      I can’t wait to see the finished product, either, and I really hope you’re right. We’re hoping to have the new room ready while the baby is still sleeping in our room, so she can kind of make a bit of a slow transition (just naps for a week or so, then bedtime). My little girly is getting so GROWN UP!!!

  3. Joe said,

    does it still smell horrible?

    • Me said,

      ***The husband has been using vinegar as a cheap and green way of stripping wallpaper. . .with a little bit of fabric softener thrown in on the super-sticky parts. It works well, but the scent of the vinegar mixed with ancient wall-glue is definitley. . . strange.

      And Joe,*giggle* only when its fresh. . . and I don’t think HORRIBLE is the right word for it, really. I prefer ‘strange!’ Thanks again for all of your help up there – and for all the help I’m sure you’ll be giving before its all done 😉

  4. Kendall said,

    awww I can’t wait until it’s all done!!! You’ve worked so hard and so has husby…can’t wait until it’s done and ya’ll get to move up to the attic!

  5. ChristinesLillSprouts said,

    Goodluck! I’m sure it will turn out great!

  6. Jenn said,

    how exciting! I love projects! I am sure you are thilled! Enjoy your new rooms!

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